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Universal Background Screening Awarded #1 Enterprise Background Screening Firm by HRO Today - 2023
HRO Today magazine has named Universal Background Screening the #1 Enterprise Background Screening Firm in HRO Today’s 2023 Customer Satisfaction Ratings. This year marks 14 consecutive years, Universal has been recognized as a top screening firm in HRO Today’s annual Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Rankings (client-based survey) for Pre-Employment Screening.

Universal is the only screening firm being awarded for 14 consecutive years!

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Arkansas Dietetics Licensing Board Renewals
The Arkansas Dietetics Licensing Board is busy processing renewal applications. During the month of November, we are only permitted to submit each license verification once. The board will provide Universal the verification once the renewal has been approved. The board expects to have all license information updated by the first week of December. Thank you for your patience.
Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology
The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering is experiencing significant delays in processing verification of licensing. The State of Oklahoma is aware of the delay. We will update searches with the information as soon as possible.
California Delays caused by DOB Redaction
On June 21, 2021, several CA courts have redacted DOB from their public index and files due to a 4th Appellate District Court, Court of Appeal, Division One, State of CA opinion.

We are still able to conduct name-based searches. Due to the redaction, researchers are having to use alternative methods to obtain DOB, where possible, therefore causing delays. These delays will impact County Criminal searches and Nationwide Database searches.

Counties with redactions: Amador, Butte, Calaveras, El Dorado, Fresno, Kern, Lassen, Los Angeles, Merced, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, San Bernadino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Siskiyou, Tulare, Ventura
Illinois Child Abuse Registry Searches - Delayed
Illinois Child Abuse Registry searches are experiencing delays in processing requests. Please expect extensive turnaround times for these searches.
New York County Searches
UPDATED 11/9/2023
The following New York counties can only be completed at a statewide level:

Alleghany, Bronx, Cayuga, Chemung, Clinton, Erie, Fulton, Kings, Montgomery, Nassau, New York, Orleans, Queens, Richmond, and Schenectady.

Please note the New York Statewide covers all 62 counties in NY.
Clean Slate Initiative
The Clean Slate initiative automatically seals certain non-violent conviction records if a person has remained conviction-free for a period of time (seven years for misdemeanors, 10 years for felonies). 

Universal will continue to provide information that is reportable by state and federal laws.

States that are part of this initiate are as follows:
• PA
• UT
• NJ
• MI
• CT
• DE
• VA
• OK
• CO
• CA
• MN
• NY (pending Governor approval)

Please click on the below link for additional information by state.
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Michigan Clean Slate Law Search Restrictions
Due to the Michigan Clean Slate law, the following courts are limiting the scope of work that they will search:

Antrim (6 years District)
Bay (6 years District)
Cheboygan (6 years District)
Clare (6 years District)
Gladwin (6 years District)
Grand Traverse (6 years District)
Kent (10+ years District and 6 years Circuit)
Leelanau (6 years District)
Ottawa (2014-Present District and 10+ years circuit)
Presque Isle (6 years District)
Saginaw (7 years District and 10+ years Circuit)
St. Joseph (7 years District and Circuit)
Schoolcraft (2008- Present Circuit)
Updated 11/29/2023 - Court Search Delays
6/22/2023 - We are experiencing extensive delays with IL SW searches being processed. ETAs are not available at this time. We will provide updates as soon as new information is received. Please expect these searches to be very delayed.

NH - All Counties:
7/14/2023 - Courts in all NH counties are currently operating with limited staff which is causing increased turnaround time in court search processing. We do not have an ETA for resolution at this time, please continue to expect extensive delays.

KS - All Counties:
Update 11/29/2023 – Since October 12, 2023, courts in Kansas have been experiencing system issues due a sophisticated foreign cyberattack that impacted the information systems used by the Kansas Judicial Branch. Service is expected to return gradually over the month of December to the various affected systems used by the 104 Kansas counties. This timeline is still subject to change and information will be updated as it becomes available.

The Kansas Statewide can be run and will provide felonies and misdemeanors, but it will not return any non-convictions, unlike the county. In most cases, the KS Statewide will also not return alcohol related driving charges.

Choctaw, MS:
10/24/2023 - Courts in this county are operating with limited staff and resources. Please expect extended delays. We do not have an ETA for resolution at this time but will update information as it becomes available.

Los Angeles, CA:
11/14/2023 -Courts in this county are unable to complete searches at this time while they are undergoing a change in the case management system. Please expect delays in processing.

11/15/2023: GCIC is now back operationally to process Georgia Statewide searches. Please be advised that they are working through the backlog as quickly as possible.

Tuolumne, CA:
11/14/2023: Please expect delays in Tuolumne County, CA as the public access terminal has been offline since last week and no ETA for the fix.

11/15/2023: We are seeing delays in processing NY SW searches at this time. We will continue to monitor these delays and provide updated information as it is received.

Colorado SW and County Delay:
Colorado SW and County Delay: 11/15/2023 We are experiencing delays with the Colorado SW and County searches being processed. We will provide updates as they become available.

Fresno, CA Delay:
Fresno County, CA will be closed from Monday, 11/20 – Friday, 11/24 and will resume their regular business hours on Monday, 11/27. Please expect delays.

EL Dorado, CA:
11/21/2023: Please expect slight delays out of El Dorado County as the courthouse is short staffed. information will be updated as it becomes available.

Lander County, NV:
11/27/2023: Courts in this county are clerk assisted, please continue to expect delays in turnaround times.

Mineral County, NV:
11/27/2023: Courts in this county are clerk assisted, please continue to expect delays in turnaround times.

Pershing District Courts, NV:
11/27/2023: Courts in this county are clerk assisted, please continue to expect delays in turnaround times.

Gila Superior Courts AZ:
11/27/2023 Clerk assisted search, please except delays through the holidays. Information will be updated as available.

Clark District Courts NV:
Courts in this county are clerk assisted, please continue to expect delays in turnaround times.

New York Abuse Registries - Delayed
11/2/2023: Processing is severely delayed at this time due to extremely high volume. Please expect extended turnaround times.
New Processing Georgia Statewide - GCIC Signed Release Form
The State of Georgia has completed an unofficial audit of releases being submitted for Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) Criminal Checks for GA Statewide searches.

The State now requires that the following information be on the GA Statewide release to conduct a criminal background search: .

• Name as ordered (Do not fill in any alias name)
• Date of Birth
• Full Social Security Number
• Current address of applicant
• Sex & Race (Not required. If left blank or with typing "U" or "Unknown", search will still be processed)
• Signature - The GCIC Form may have the following types of signatures:
Mouse, Physical, or Electronic - For this, we need to add that if the sigunature is electronic, we need to have the imbedded IP address.
All verification services out of the following countries are suspended: Afghanistan, Russia, Sudan. Syria, Ukraine.

Criminal searches are currently not available in the Ukraine and Afghanistan at this time as well.

We will continue to monitor the situation and notify you when we are able to reinstate services.